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Clown Town Rosehill

Conveniently located in Forestville, Sydney, Clown Town is the ultimate play land for your child! Our amazing play equipment will have your child occupied for hours. You can rest easy while they are safe and having fun. Housing many children all hours of the day, Clown Town is the perfect place for your child to come to, to socialise with other children and make new friends. Inside the playground, there are many obstacles and activities that create opportunities for your child to learn new skills while having fun.

Clown TownOur main attraction here at Clown Town is our multi-level play structure housing three slides, a large ball pit, a flying fox and countless obstacles such as nets, tunnels and block.

Here at Clown Town, other than our main multi-level play structure we offer many more outlets for your child to have fun. We at Clown Town believe it is important that all ages are welcome so we are also home to Little Clown Town, a seperate, fenced off, play area designed for children under four years of age, so you can be comfortable that your toddler is having fun in a safe and comfortable environment.

For mum or dad, we have a separate coffee shop with free wi-fi and tables and chairs so you can wait comfortably, or visit our gift shop where we have a great range of clowntown printed t-shirts from 24 Hour T-shirts

For children of all ages, Clown Town offers organised parties where they can invite up to 25 children to celebrate their birthday with them. Included in the package is a lunch with all food and drink covered for all children and the birthday cake, hosted in one of our many amazingly themed party rooms (specific themed rooms can be requested). Along with the parties we allocate ample play time for the children in the main playground.

One of our most recent popular attractions at Clown Town is our new 8m rock climbing wall! The wall is split up into three different sections; easy, medium and advanced so children of any age and any skill level can have a go! The rock climbing wall is operated by our expertly trained staff and is equipped with all the necessary safety measures so you can relax knowing your child is in safe hands.

Here at Clown Town, we put great importance on the safety of the children who visit everyday. All of our equipment and attractions are designed to be fun for your child while still having all the safety features necessary to reduce and chance of injury. All our staff here at Clown Town are FirstAid trained and know exactly how to approach any situation if anything were to happen. So what are you waiting for? Come down to Clown Town today for a guaranteed day of fun!